Next international cooperations established

Next international cooperations established

We have established next international cooperations with several countries and institutions all over the globe.

As Consus Group want to be active on new markets, like Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe, we have created special unit for ensuring our good communication  and proper project monitoring between us, governments and different institutions.

We are now in close cooperation with Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of the Environment, several agencies like PAIIZ, PARP and KIG. We have also become members of „GO Africa” programme.

Important success is building strong relationships with every embassy of country where we are and want to be present and polish embassies in those locations.

Consus Group representatives have also been to several official economic mission during last months, for example:

  • Moldova
  • Qatar
  • Vietnam
  • Nigeria
  • Turkey
  • Montenegro


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