Consus History

The Consus Group has been active since 2000, when Consus was incorporated in Toruń, Poland. Since the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol and the accession to EU ETS, Consus has been a consultant in the field of environmental protection for governmental structures as well as Polish and International businesses.

Consus experts have participated in the work of governmental and self-governmental authorities at every stage of emissions allowances trading system and they have consulted businesses.

  • They took part in several tasks related to endorsement and consultations in the field of legal provisions enacting
  • They consulted and introduced the CO2 emissions monitoring and settlement system (also the preparation of tables for the National Executory Remedies in several dozen factories
  • They conducted the process of EUAs, ERUs, CERs, VERs verification in many hundred entities
  • They conducted hundreds of training sessions, workshops and conferences related to the issues of climate changes,  in Poland and abroad
  • They consulted and acted as brokers in the trading of over 500 000 000 emission allowances.


Since 2005, together with the beginning of the first EU ETS settlement period, Consus has been dealing in the brokerage of emissions allowances trading in the off-exchange market. At the same time, Consus became the first Polish trader in the carbon market and one of the first ones in Europe.

Consus became a member of the PowerNext Exchange in Paris (BlueNext) and Consus France S.A.R.L. was incorporated, which became a member of the Paris Exchange, a member of the European Energy Exchange (EEX) in Leipzig. Owing to this, Consus widened its offer in the field of CO2 emissions allowances trading.

Consus has also established Consus Romania, an official representative of Consus for the Balkan Peninsula.   

Consus S.A. became a member of the ICE Exchange in London.

Based on the experience and knowledge gathered in earlier actions, Consus has began operations on other markets and in new sectors through established SPVs.

last Projects

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